Honor a Veteran Roll Call


James Kenneth Ashley Sr., Master Sgt., Navy & Air Force, 1956-1978, Thank you for your service and love for freedom. RIP Daddy.

Martin K. Bader, Sgt., Army European Theater, 1943-1945, Bronze Star, Purple Heart

George F. Bent, WWI, 1917-1918

Douglas Bielanski, Navy, Vietnam, To all who serve - we will never forget!

Bruce Blackwell, US Marine Corps, Vietnam

Mike Blackwell, US Navy, Vietnam

Robert Blackwell, Navy, Korean War

LaVerne Gerald Borg, Army, WWII, Iwo Jima, Korea, Vietnam, In honor of your courage, integrity and service to our country.

John Brown

Kevin L. Burke, Sgt. E5, US Army, July 1968-July 1970

Lewis Coin LC Carrell,  Security Police Sentry Dog Handler, Air Force, 1966-1970, Thank you, love you, Uncle LC

Orlando W. Chada, Sgt., Army Rangers, Korea

Joel N. Christensen, Sgt., Marine Corps, January 2009 - January 2014

Jim Devine, Marine Corps, Vietnam

James Fahnestock, Sgt., Army, WWII

Pat Farr, Royal Navy, HMS Indefatigueable

Arthur Golden, Army Air Corps Flying Tigers, WWII

Peter A. Gray, Colonel, Army, Vietnam, 1960-1983, In honor of your service to our country.

Jack Harvey, Coast Guard, Vietnam

Christopher R. Heath, Gunnery Sergeant E7, Marine Corps, March 1984 - January 1992 and September 1999 - January 2013

Charlie Henry, Navy, WWII

Crystal Jewell, Air Force

Rolf H. Johnson, Sgt., Army, 1966-1969

Ronald Karsten, Major, Marine Corps

Andrew Keller

Alex A. Leyva, Sgt., Air Force, 1975-1979

J.D. Litton, LTC, Thank you for your service.

Clem Lodge, Coast Guard, North Pacific

James I. Manning, Private, Army

Steven Mansfield, Sgt, US Army, 2009-2013, Thank you 'Doc' for the care you gave our troops!

Robert McGregor, Sr. Airman E4, Air Force, Load Master, 2000-2003, Thank you, love you.

Ryan McGregor, Specialist, Army National Guard, 2009-Present, Thank you, love you.

Ed McMahon, Sgt. E5, Army, 1970-1972

Chad M. Nelson, Specialist, Charlie Company First Armored 41st Infantry Division, Army, July 2009 - December 2012. Thank you for your service. We are so proud of you.

Earl D. Plagmann, Sgt., 119th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Gun Battalion, US Army, WWII, April 1942-December 1945

Michelle Reynolds, Sgt., Army, 1978-1982

John Lawrence Rikhoff, Army, 1956-1958. Thanks Dad!

Thomas Robbins

Jon Ruiz, Colonel, Army, 1980-2001, 'Not to promote war, but to preserve peace."

F.J. Ryan, SFC, US Army, 1949-1952

Robert E. Sageman, Navy, 1944-1945

Scott Sageman, Captain, Navy Medical Corps, 1983-2000

John Stewardson, Army, 1968-1969 Vietnam

Lane Stewardson, Army Medic, WWII, Earned two Purple Hearts

Ben Thomas, ET2, Navy, 1988-1996

Jim Thomas, LTC, Army, National Guard, 1952-1987

Ken Thomas, Gunnery Sgt., Marine Corps, 1987-2007

Michael Tieman, Corporal E4, Army, 2nd Battalion 162nd Infantry, Deployed June 1, 2014

Skip Underwood, Army, Cold War

Frank J. Vignola, Merchant Marine, 1943-1945, Helped make him the good Dad he was.

Rex A. Vollstedt, Air Force, Korean Conflict

Clayton Walker, US Marine Corps, 1968-1969 Vietnam, In honor of your service, thank you.

Claire Wiles, Retired, Navy

Kevin Wiles, Retired, Navy, Submarine Service

Lucinda Wilson, LTC, Army, 1995-Present

Ty Wilson, LTC, Army, 1995-Present 

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